In my first post I mentioned that I had life altering surgery. Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary.

On some days I feel as though nothing has changed since surgery even though I have had a radical physical transformation. I am currently 114 pounds lighter than I was six months ago. I am 130 pounds lighter since my heaviest weight in 2009. I also decided to cut my hair very short because it is thinning due to the extreme weight loss. Both are pretty huge changes and yet I often feel as though nothing has changed.

Surgery was necessary for rapid weight loss so that I could have another life altering major surgery. I currently have a calcified disc grwoing into my spinal cord. It has caused nerve damage to my lower extremities and I am no longer able to walk with out assistance. Short distances of 10-50 feet I can manage with a walker but anything farther than that requires a motorized scooter. At the young age of 41 it is very frustration but I do acknowledge there are many in this world how suffer much more than I do. So I try everyday to stay positive.

I have about 30 more pounds to lose before the surgeon at Barrows Neuro will feel comfortable operating. I am hoping to reach that point by the end of January. Although any result of the surgery will not make me perfect, hopefully I will be a bit more independent. It is emotionally difficult for me to rely on my husband for transportation and nearly every other personal care aspect of my life. I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband whose vows of in sickness and in health mean the world to him.

I wasn’t always super obese. I am nearly down to the weight I was when I married my soul mate and that truly feels great. Eventually I will weigh less than I did when he and I met. I am not the kind of person who believes looks are everything nor do I believe all skinny people are healthy but to be thinner and a full-figured sexy woman will be awesome.

I could write for hours today but I will end this here. I don’t know if anyone reads this as it is intended to be cathartic for me but if you are reading this, I hope you enjoy.

Blessed Be!