Honestly I could write a book just on “about me” so I suppose this entire blog will be “about me”.
So I shall start here, I am 45, no children, separated from my husband, a hopeless romantic that also enjoys the REAL BDSM lifestyle. I became very aware of my sensuality and sexuality at an early age.
By the time I was 12 I was well aware of What I desired and often pursued it.
At the age of 14 I have my virginity to my boyfriend. At the age of 17, even though he and I had been broken up for sometime, he tried to stop me from running away to be with an abusive and much older man.
Interesting side note, the 2 friends that tried to stop me had a love hate relationship, but always agreed they wanted me safe.
Fast forward to what seems a million years later, and I am now embracing my sensuality and sexual desires again, but in a much healthier way.
My story is full of love, pain, pleasure, heartache, heartbreak, illness and surgeries, not to mention conquering fears, tearing down walls and rebuilding them, over and over again.
Follow me as I recount how I became who I am.