Seducing your partner with scent.
We have all heard the stories of how oysters are aphrodisiacs and champagne with strawberries can entice a woman (thank you Pretty Woman), but how often do we hear about the Art of Seduction via enticing scents? Has your partner ever asked you not to wear a certain perfume or maybe you are like me and literally get weak in the knees as soon as I smell Drakar on a man. The fact is our own chemical reaction to perfumes and soaps can create a scent that smells fabulous to us but repels your partner. BUT find the magic combination and let the sparks fly. Take the samples those annoying perfume people in the mall offer and try a different dab each night.
Both men and women are guilty of not trying as hard once we have “hooked” the one, but its not that simple. You have to put some thought into it.
Maybe something as simple as a scented candle that reminds you both of a romantic date. Maybe it’s switching shampoos back to their one you were using the first night you made love. Or maybe it’s investing in a product that enhances the scent of your phermones.
Take a chance tomorrow and try somethin g old. Then engage them in a conversation about anything they are passionate about and watch the body language change.
It is called the Art of Seduction for a reason. Practice makes perfect.