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9 Major Mistakes Men Make When Making Love To A Woman

Women can come off as overwhelmingly complicated but it’s okay. This article will help you up game of pleasing a women in bed. You’re welcome, men.

This is my response to a blog post that can be found at

MEN and Women … I caution you. MUCH of this article is downright awful and harmful advice.
And please keep in mind the authors grammar, syntax and general grasp of the English, is more than lacking.

My responses are written below each section.

1.Not kissing
Believe it or not, numerous individuals (and this incorporates ladies) don’t kiss their partners when they’re having intercourse. Why? Maybe on the grounds that the situating doesn’t take into account it or they are excessively energetic, making it impossible to peak and feel that it may break the musicality. By and by, it is exceptionally prescribed that you endeavor to kiss your accomplice amid the demonstration – it will just add to the experience. Kissing is a very strong act of physical closeness. It lets the other person know you’re doing what you’re doing lovingly, with your soul involved in the act as well.

Response: While kissing is a vital day to day action and a MUST for foreplay, once you are in the throws of making love, whether it is slow or fast, it should not be the primary concern. And for those of us with disabilities it can be awkward and painful. For example, I have 3 rods in my spine, lifting my head and/or twisting to kiss, will send my body into spasms and completely ruin the moment. Often kissing can and should be replaced with eye contact, however, keep in mind that many people that suffer from previous sexual trauma events will keep their eyes closed during sex. This should not be taken as an insult and more importantly should not be addressed while making love.

2. Biting, leaving love bites before your partner is prepared
While some of us may appreciate being bossed around and not being listened to during sex, biting, touching, grabbing before they are stirred may prompt distress (and may even reduce the odds of any further sexual activity ) or essentially drive them away. So make sure they’re completely ready before you nibble their ear, shoulders, neck or anywhere else. while these acts are a major turn on, doing it without making sure the recipient is expecting it and is ready for it, there’s no point because then, it takes away the fun of it. We’re not saying you can not be spontaneous, you can, but make sure the spontaneity is desirable. There’s a difference between spontaneity and plain shocking after all.

Response: Spontaneity is what makes the world of enjoyable sex go around. YES, it does. With that said, you should NEVER have sex with anyone unless you have verbally spoken about sex. If speaking to your partner makes you uncomfortable or gives you the giggles, YOU are NOT ready for SEX. STOP and assess your own reactions.
Now, when discussing sex you should include the question, “What do you enjoy or What do you absolutely hate” Although many people have the confidence to freely share this information without being asked, it MUST be discussed. You may find that biting of any sort, beit nibbling on the ear, biting their nipple or biting their ass, is a trigger for them and they will quickly descend into a PTSD episode.

3. Overlooking everything except for sexual parts
Private parts are awesome, no uncertainty, yet you should focus on different parts of your darling’s body and spotlight for quite a while on their whole body – knees, wrists, back and stomach are exceedingly erogenous zones for men and ladies. Tenderly touching these zones will help energize your accomplice further; thus, expanding the odds of them pleasuring you back. It’s never solely about the sexual organs. The entire body is at play when you’re getting hot in bed with someone. Thus, its very important to make use of your entire body. That’s how the real connection between two bodies develops.

Response: There is literally too much for me to write in response to this section so I will keep it brief.
If you don’t know how to properly make love, refer to my response to #2.
Kissing and touching during foreplay, on all parts of the body, that are not trigger zones, is important. However, during intercourse, your focus should be on overall pleasure and you might just be with a partner that wants you to focus on their “private parts”. Honestly, if you are using the words private parts, instead of clitoris, nipples or penis, chances are you are not mature enough to be having sex OR have interpersonal issues that you may need to address with a counselor.

4. Putting your weight on them
Regardless of whether you’re a young lady! It’s alright to lose yourself at the time from time to time and go insane on your darling. In any case, when you’re lying over them, you must be mindful so as not to drop your weight on them. Chocking them or thwarting their capacity to inhale will in any case execute the minute and any odds of some great activity.

Response: Putting your weight on them; first the assumption is that YOU are heavier than your partner. Second, if you are lowering yourself in such a way that it results in choking or obstructing the person’s airway, you are likely doing something wrong OR the person may have a medical issue that should have been discussed prior to sex.
It is also important to keep in mind that the penis, if played with to harshly, can break.
Thats right ladies! If your man loves for you to ride him, don’t come down on him with force. Breaking a mans penis will likely ruin the mood and your relationship.

5. Peaking too early/past the point of no return
This one is particularly for men. You need great control on your muscles to guarantee that you can discharge at a fitting time. Too early and you may leave your accomplice unsatisfied;To keep away from this, invest much more energy in foreplay (this will help men and ladies). On the off chance that you take too long and can just discharge by means of manual incitement, do your best to get your date or spouse to climax and after that they can return you the support.

Response: Peaking too early or in the adult world, premature ejaculation or 2 minute man; is a real issue. Some men actually have medical reasons for this occurring and unlike women, most men are not capable of rapid fire multiple orgasms. Once again, this is something that should be discussed, if it is a known problem, prior to having intercourse. If it “just happens” do not panic, do not react negatively, just enjoy the moment. And if he does not continue to pleasure you and bring you to an orgasm, TALK to him about the incident. If you cannot comfortably talk about all aspects of SEX, DO NOT HAVE SEX!

6. Not letting them know before you climax
In case you’re about to finish off – and this applies even to ladies – in the case of amid oral sex or intercourse, you have to tell your accomplice previously. They have the right to know.

Response: Not everyone is capable of verbalizing that they are about to cum. Some people are surprised when it happens. Other people are so deep in the passion they cannot form the words.
While it is something some people naturally say, it is NOT your RIGHT to know. When it happens, it happens and be happy you were able to bring them to cllimax.

7. Treating sex like porn
Albeit a few couples appreciate having tactless sex, you’d be insightful to converse with your accomplice before you take part in such conduct. In the event that you start being a certain way with your sweetheart without knowing whether they like it first, odds are the situation won’t end on an upbeat note.Adults know porn has zero sensibility in it and nothing about porn is applicable in real life. Keep that in mind and try not be behave in silly ways. It could put your partner off forever.

Response: Porn. I can honestly write a manual on the benefits and harm of watching porn. To say that all porn has zero sensibility is equivalent to saying the Kama Sutra has no place in the world of learning about sex. Yes, some porn is degrading. But once again, you need to be mature enough to discuss your views on porn. It is possible that your partner(no accomplice), may want to try something they saw or heard about in a pornographic movie. To make the assumptions that all porn is nonsense, is equally as damaging as saying sex without porn is boring.
Also, your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, lover, fuckbuddy or whatever endearing term you choose, should never be referred to as your accomplice. 90% of the time you are not committing a crime and therefore do not have an accomplice.

8. Remaining calm
Do you get a kick out of the chance to hear it when your accomplice is having a decent time? So pay them a similar regard and talk up when you’re having fun. Something as straightforward as a little groan, or notwithstanding saying something like, “that feels so great,” will energize them and teach them encourage on your groan zones.

Response: For the life of me I cannot understand why this paragraph is titled “remaining calm” because it has nothing to do with calmness.
BUT, I actually agree with some of what is said here. For example, when I am giving a man a blowjob, if he does not react verbally, either with words or groans, I might assume he is not enjoying it and stop. Stating how much you enjoy a particular act or responding with moans, groans, squeals and squeaks, tell your partner you are enjoying what they are doing. On the flip side, if your partner is doing something you really don’t like, politely tell them to try something else, but be specific. Don’t make them fumble around to find your pleasure points.

9. Mechanical act
It might feel good to you to pump away as you do at the exercise center, however you’ll rapidly find that the vast majority detest such a demonstration. Blend it up a smidgen; go quick now and again, at that point gradually. Be innovative and you’ll end up getting a charge out of some variety as well.

Response: Mechanical act? Sex, making love, foreplay, making out, and your relationship should NEVER feel like a mechanical act or robotic. If it does, you need to discuss this with your partner. Even if it only happens once, discuss the situation and find out what may have been the issue.
BUT, some women enjoy a good hard rythmic fucking every now and then. I know I do. And keep in mind if you switch of the tempo right when a woman is about to orgasm, she may not climax and chances are she might have to fake it later. And nobody likes a faker.
I have been with several men that become robotic if they have too much on their mind. And that is O.K. No one is ready for sex 24/7, except for possibly a sex robot and that is an entirely different conversation.

This is just my view on some very strange advice.
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