March 30, 2019

Here I am again, realizing that we are now ¼ of the way through 2019 and this has been anything except the Year of Me. Some of you may remember I declared at the beginning of the new year that I would not make resolutions but that I would focus on me this year, physically and mentally. WELL, um, that only sorta happened.
Maybe chronically ill and sufferers of invisible disabilities should stay away from resolutions and declarations.

Anyway, I am now finally set up with a Mini Dell Laptop, my Lenovo was simply too big and heavy to take anywhere so it is essentially a desktop computer now.
With this new mini I have no excuse for not writing everyday, other than fatigue, brainfog and doctors appointments.

Ahhhh, doctors appointments and surgerys. I honestly thought this year would be easy on my body but that hasn’t happened. You see, when the chronically ill and disabled have to assist with the care of their elderly parents, the chronically ill, get SICK. Not like a normal little cold but SICK. Not the flu or strep, but some generic Upper Respiratory infection that seems to never go away. Yes, I was tested for both Flu and Strep and they both came back negative.
I started to feel better and decided it was time to return to the house I live in. Two weeks at my parents was more than I could handle.
Unfortunately, one outing to the post office and my sickness returned in full force. Stayed in for a couple of days and began feeling better, but then when out again to do some errands and by the time I arrived home I had no voice and was dry coughing again.

Back to the cause of this upper respiratory infection. You see, my parents live about 90 minutes away and although one of my very able body sisters, who happens to chose to be unemployed, cannot handle taking care of both of them. SO, we are divided the duties. She primarly takes care of my Mother and I am responsible for my mother. Yes, they are still married and the three of them live in the same house. It is utterly ridiculous that I am even asked to take my father to appointments but I was. So from January to last week, I took my father to about 9 doctor appointments, an outpaitent surgery, followed by an ER visit the next day, then took care of monitoring his catherbag. Then took him to a Urologist, continued to help with the cleaning of his penis because he is partially paralyzed and my 53 year old sister just couldn’t handle that.
He then had prostrate surgery, again outpatient but I was at the hospital all day with him. Then more follow ups and somehow I squeezed in 4 dental appointments for myself because I broke a molar.

Tired yet? I am. Here I sit trying to get better. I don’t have to return to my parents house until the end of April, which will hopefully give me time to recover properly. Because we all know that when you have an Autoimmune disease like Transverse Myletis, once you are sick and in a flare, it takes weeks of doing nothing, sometimes even months, just to get back to the normal chronically sick level that you have learned to live with.