So, as we all know in todays political climate it is difficult to remain compassionate and kind. But we must. We, as human beings, must find the strength and desire to treat each other well.
Now, don’t get me wrong, some people just suck. They are mean and hateful, possibly even evil, but as a whole the majority of humans are not out to harm each other. We have forgotten how to respect differing opinions. We have been shown that negative behavior gets you attention, while the nice person gets forgotten.
Whether you can see it happening or not, even in the entertainment industry, the stars that seem so wonderful and nice, 90% of the time were brutally cutthroat to get a part that launched their career.

So, how do we succeed without being loud, rude, hateful or evil?
WE practice. Yes, practice. If you find yourself wanting to voice a hurtful statement because you disagree with someone, check yourself. Pause. Walk away from the situation.
Think about what YOU really want to convey by disagreeing.

Living in Sedona I am surrounded by people who preach “raise your vibe” be positive ALL the time and don’t focus on the negative. And I say that is only partly true.
Being positive all the time is impossible BUT not being mean is an easy habit to learn.
Think about how you want to be treated and what you believe compassion is.

Can you do that?