One of my dearest friends has a saying “When the Universe hands you a cookie, smile and take it” He has been saying this to me for over three years now. And I think I finally understand what he means.

Over the past nine years I have had a plethora of people come and go from my life. But this week it seems I was finally shown which ones are really listening. A friend I met in 2011, who happens to live in Hawaii now, decided I needed to step up my writing game. And ya know what? She was right. So we are each posting a paragraph of “what good thing(s) happened today” everyday on the dreaded fb. For those of you that don’t follow me there, I will share it with you here.

Below is the post from yesterday October 2nd 2019 .

Is it really October 2 already? So it just dawned on me that I have 2 nurse friends that did time at FMC. I am pretty sure they don’t know each other. One in Lake Havasu now and the other in Hawaii. Not terribly personal help but if I am having a complete meltdown, I know I can reach out to one of them for advice. That is something I am HUGELY grateful for.
Also interesting, one is a Nurse Educator and the other is “not bedside”, whatever that means. LOL, still extremely grateful to have them both in my life.
To quote my beautiful nurse friend in Hawaii “It only takes touching one life at a time and hopefully you will touch the world”. Sarah Williams has done exactly that by challenging me to write a paragraph a day.