I know I missed posting on the 26th but since it’s still the middle of the night here and in Hawaii, this counts for the 26th day. 😁

In all honesty I didn’t write before bed last night because I was physically tired, mentally wired and realized my posts were becoming repetitive and mundane.  And that is not my goal in writing any type of post.

Those that remember me from when we were kids, 4 years old to 17, may remember that I can tell one hell of a fictional story about pretty much anything. And my autobiography is equally impressive. So as I lay here are 3:32 am, thinking about why I started blogging, which was designed from my heart, I realize I am still afraid of not being accepted, not being understood, and most importantly, I fear being judged and laughed at by EVERYONE. 


BUT today was a great day to just be. I did lots of coloring with my little buddy Zac, watched him play soccer in the morning and then watched him eat nearly my entire hamburger from The Golden Goose.

He is an amazing kid. Brilliant, talented, loving and has gorgeous blue eyes like his Grumpy.

How blessed am I to have this little guy in my life in a way I couldn’t have my nieces and nephew? Very Fleekin’ blessed. 

And dinner with Auntie Pam, is always Awesome. She is truly a great addition to Lynn’s family, even though she isn’t a blood relative, as far as I am concerned, she is Lynn’s sister-in-law from his wife, who left this worldly plane far to young. She too was was a beautiful soul that raised amazing children and grandchildren. 

How lucky am I to have been blessed with Lynn’s friendship and companionship, as well as all of the amazing people on his family.

This chapter of my life may need to be an entire book full of amazing adventures and a few tragic memories bit in the end I will say I am blessed and blessed be.